How it works

Healthy Students – Safe, Open Schools

Signing up for StrongSchoolsNC Covid-19 testing is easier than 1, 2, 3!

Across North Carolina, our dedicated educators have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, teaching virtually when needed and coming back strong to help our students return safely to the classroom.

In addition to safety protocols and vaccination options, it’s still vitally important to test for COVID-19 because the pandemic is still a threat. This is especially true in large group settings such as schools.

First Step

School District Opt In

Our aim is to maximize resources available to schools and minimize added responsibilities to existing school staff!

School districts play a critical role in keeping students and educators safe. NCDHHS encourages school district leaders to enroll their schools in the StrongSchoolsNC K-12 Testing program to help limit COVID-19 outbreaks and maintain a safer learning environment.

NC school districts and schools start our process by “opting in” to participate in the FREE testing program.

Participating Schools

Mako will accommodate and work with each school individually

Students are pre-registered online with no paperwork for schools

Second Step

Parents/Educators Opt In

Once school districts agree to offer testing, parents can register their students in an easy, online process that is completely secure and confidential.

Mako will provide rapid, reliable COVID-19 testing options chosen by the individual school district for all students and educators who opt-in to testing.

Parent Signup
Third Step

Students Tested – Results Delivered!

Each week professional health care providers will come to your schools and test students and staff. They will use an anterior nares nasal swab test that is quick and accurate. This is NOT the test that tickles the brain, instead we just swab shallow in the nostril.

Here is a video of a recent test in a North Carolina school.

Reliable Results – Multiple Ways

Schools will choose between offering antigen testing, pooled PCR testing, or individual PCR testing. All three options use the same style nasal test, the difference is in how they are handled after the nasal swab is completed.

Antigen Testing

Antigen testing is commonly referred to as a rapid COVID-19 test. Antigen testing is an individual nasal swab testing for specific proteins/antigens from the virus. The test is highly sensitive, highly specific and delivers fast results.

Pool Testing

A group of six pre-registered students are scanned into a single pool and tested. Their results are placed in a single test tube. These small batches of pooled tests allow us to easily test thousands of students a day, while still delivering swift, reliable results.


Results are available immediately for antigen or 24 hours or less for pooled and PCR via text message or email. Real-time reporting directly with schools to allow for quick follow ups on results.

That’s it! Easy COVID-19 testing = safe students and open schools. We hope you’ll tell others so they sign up too!